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date.  2018

city.   Jukkasvärvi - Icehotel

team. Fabien Champeval, Friederike Schroth

title.   Livoq [Inuit for: to become something]

Find yourself in the middle of the elements of abstract art. What is this supposed to be? So much room of
interpretation and imagination! Where does it start? Is this the artist’s vision when he felt on his bed, sightly drunk after an inspiring evening with his friends? To become finally the sculpture over there? Or is this sculpted column the creative origin and then started to overgrow the place? Feel the mystery of being in-between the different point of views. Are you inside or outside the creation? Perceive the things you know because they already exist in your mind and discover those which are difficult to catch. The different densities, the empty and the plenty, the light and the shadows, the changing perception of the forms when you move around in the space.
Let your imagination grow and deicide yourself what it’s going to become for you!

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